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Consistancy Gone

Imagine a new alarm clock that was programmable to the block schedule? Along with your weekends. Imagine for a moment someone who has 1st period on green days and has 1st off (but does have 2nd) on red days. So if Monday was a green day then this person would wake up to get to school by 7:45. The next day they have 1st off, so they start school at about 9:27. They get to sleep in some more with this much later starting time, so they set their clock a little later so that they can sleep in. That's 2 different alarms so far. Then there's Wednesday, which is completely screwed up so that the teachers can have meetings together and share their evil rules and regulations so that the nice teachers are no longer nice. (Could you imagine Kettlehut or Spaulding giving Weissman their teaching methods and grading strategies?) First period on Wednesday starts at 8:20, which is later that this person's green day and earlier than their red day. That's 3 alarms. Then Thursday he wakes up to alarm #2 (which is for normal red days) and alarm #1 on Friday (normal green day). Next week starts on the opposite day of which the previous week started. For instance if one week starts with a red day the next week will begin with a green day. So even IF you had one of those alarm clocks that is programmable for a different time every day of the week, it wouldn't work. You'd have to have one that is programmable for a specific time every day for every TWO weeks.
Week 2. Monday is a red day this week, so this person has to wake up to alarm time #2 (norm. red) today. Tuesday they will wake up to alarm #1 (norm. green). Wednesday comes, but there's a problem. This week Wednesday is a red day, and this person doesn't have 1st period on red days. Alarm #4 is now in order, which is 9:52. Maybe they could use alarm #2 (norm. red), but they would be waking up earlier than they need to. Thursday they use alarm 1 and Friday they use alarm 2. Then the whole cycle starts over again.

Compare this to the old normal schedule. You turn on you're alarm from Monday - Friday using one time because you wake up at the same time every day every week no matter what. You turn off your alarm for weekends and back on the next week. That's it.

To add to this, I have a weekend paper delivery job on Saturdays and morning church on Sundays. That's about 7:30 - 8:00 on Saturday and Sunday each.
(Note: I have not yet sorted out my personal schedule to see if I have to deal with this horrible complex I've described, so the whole first 2 paragraphs were not personally related as far as I know)
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